Dados Tattoo Studio welcomes guest tattoo artist Chris Arkwright (Birmingham Ink) on Saturday 7th April 2018 ahead of the Ink and Iron Tattoo Convention on Sunday 8th April 2018 where Dados Tattoo Studio will also be tattooing. Visit the Ink and Iron Tattoo Convention for more information

About Dados Tattoo Studio

Dados Tattoo Studio is a friendly and hygienic tattoo studio based in the heart of Erdington, Birmingham run by award winning professional tattoo artist Dado, since 1982. Dados Tattoo Studio caters across most styles, from Traditional Tattoos, New School Tattoos, Black and Grey Tattoos and Tribal Tattoos to International style Tattooing such as Japanese, Polynesian, Maori etc Dados Tattoo Studio offer their customers a large selection of Tattoo flash to chose from or a custom drawn tattoo based on your ideas or reference material. The choice is yours. Check out what our customers think by clicking here

If you are looking for awesome quality tattoos from experienced professional tattoo artists, your in the right place. Dados Place.

Where to find us

Dados Tattoo Studio
16, Station Road
Erdington, Birmingham, B23 6UB

(0121) 350 0157


Specialising in all Tattoo styles Tattooing since 1982

I am an award winning professional tattoo artist, and have been working in Station Road, Erdington, Birmingham since 1982. I have seen the tattoo business change a lot mainly for the best with vast improvements in tattoo hygiene and tattoo equipment. I still enjoy tattooing in all styles, however due to the increased amount of inexperienced and untrained tattooists operating from unlicensed premises, I tend to spend a lot of my working time covering or reworking badly done tattoos. THE ORIGINAL TATTOO FIXER. I have tattooed in Erdington, Birmingham for so long that i have been lucky to make some really good friends, and work on some really interesting people including professional football players, musicians etc. I hope you take the time to visit my tattoo studio and leave with a beautiful tattoo that will remain with you for eternity, see you soon Dado.


Specialising in all Tattoo styles Tattooing since 1991.

I have been at Dados Tattoo Studio for 15 years. I started by just hanging around the studio and getting tattooed all the time expressing my wish to become a tattoo artist. After getting to know Dado I was offered an apprenticeship which i took up instantly, I did all the usual stuff around the studio, making tea, cleaning, learning about the industry from the ground up. I now have my own station in the studio and my own client base. Tattooing has enabled me to express myself using my favourite art form, fulfilling a long-time ambition.


Specialising in all Tattoo styles Tattooing since 2014. Available Tuesdays and Sundays.

3 Years experience in tattooing, passionate about all styles of art especially Neo-Traditional and Dotwork. Lover of all music especially Marilyn Manson. Bubbly and outgoing with just a small amount of sarcasm!

Client Testimonials

  • Best place in Birmingham, Wicked artists and great banter, the way a tattoo studio should be!

    Richie Bates
  • Awesome place, Dados Tattoo Studio make you feel welcome and do amazing work! Dado has done an amazing job starting my sleeve. Can't wait to go back and get more tattoos!

    Amy Guest

Whether your still undecided on your tattoo, have a tattoo design in mind or just want a look around the studio you are welcome to pop in and see us at Dados Tattoo Studio, Erdington, Birmingham, call us, email us, follow us or send us a message with what you are thinking using our online form below. We look forward to working with you on your tattoo.

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